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Looking for a Videographer for your Wedding?

The Sunshine Coast is teeming with incredible ceremony and reception locations for your wedding.  To remember the incredible moments from your beautiful day, more and more couples are booking wedding videograpers to capture their first day as a married couple.  Jensen and Young, who exhibited at the most recent Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase, are one of the local businesses who specialise in videography and we were lucky enough to find out more about them!

Who is Jensen & Young?

Jensen & Young consists of the two of us, Matt and myself (Ashlee) and we are two very creative individuals who see life through a lens. We appreciate and can find and capture beauty in the simplest of moments and love telling stories. I suppose we are different to other Videographers as we started in, and still do, feature films. We write and direct motion pictures and it’s because of this and our love for great stories that we thoroughly enjoy creating diverse videos for our clients.

What inspired you both to become wedding videographers?

It was just a natural flow on from our love of film and photos. I did my Photography Certificate in Darkroom techniques straight out of High school and Matt had been making Films for years. We wanted the freedom to be creative in all elements of our lives, not just when we were lucky enough to be on a film set, so we set up this business to keep the creative flow and freedom in our lives and haven’t looked back since. There is always so much excitement and love around Weddings and Boutique Businesses – who wouldn’t want to be a part of that magic?

What has been your favorite wedding/project so far?
We had a dear friend get married in Brisbane recently and we are so excited about the story we have created to showcase their day. It’s a real-life ‘Princess for a Day’ scenario – chandeliers, live music performances and exquisite wardrobe. Here’s a little teaser to how we have decided to construct it – leading up to a gorgeous climax of her walking down the stairs like in many of the Disney Princess Films…

The beauty of what we do is that once people become comfortable and speak and act from the heart, it is so easy and delightful to share their story.

Click the below images for the teaser video…

How long have you been in the wedding industry?

On and off both of us have been in the Industry for 6 years now.

What is your favorite location on the Sunshine Coast to for weddings and why?

I wouldn’t say we have a sole favourite – I think each place has its own unique beauty and couples tend to find the perfect place to suit their style. It’s then our job to intertwine the place and the people in our Films. I would say though, that some the nicest and easiest times have been spent in low-key places, including people own properties. It just goes to show that it’s the people that make a place shine. Luckily for us, on the Sunshine Coast we have such a diverse range of locations to choose from. From the Hinterland to the Ocean, and everywhere in between, we are so lucky to be here!

Not only do Ashlee and Matt film wedding but they have also won 'Best Sci-Fi Vision Award' for their latest Feature film Project Eden at the Boston International Sci-Fi Film Festival.  This just proves that their commitment to any project, big or small.  Make sure you attend the next Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 as we are lucky enough to have Ashlee and Matt exhibit again!


Email Address: info@jensenandyoung.com.au
Website: www.jensenandyoung.com.au
Contact Number: 0432 879 957
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland