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Planning & Packing for your Sunshine Coast Destination Wedding

Are you planning a Sunshine Coast destination wedding? Congratulations! Before you head off to your dream wedding, don't forget the packing for the wedding itself. Often you will buy things leading up to the wedding and in the days leading up to coming away you forget to put them into your luggage.  Plan ahead put a plastic storage box by the front door and each time you purchase something put it straight into the box.  When it comes time to pack everything is in one place. 

If you're getting married in a formal wedding dress, be sure to carry it with you – don't trust your dress to checked luggage. Most airplanes have coat closets and will allow passengers to hang garment bags. Check with your airline to be sure there is no additional charges.

Grooms should also carry the clothing needed for the ceremony. If you're hiring a suit on the Sunshine Coast – book your appointment for your final fitting as soon as you arrive this way if anything needs to change you have time.

Also, carry all original documents–including birth certificates and divorce papers, if applicable–in your hand luggage. Don't pack these in checked luggage!

We have some of the best hair & make up companies right here on the Sunshine Coast to make sure you look picture perfect on your wedding day.  You may have a number of events around the wedding day and you will be looking after hair & make up yourself – depending on where you are coming from, be sure to check first on the electrical current and plugs at your destination. You may need to bring converters for hot rollers and other appliances.) Many resorts also have on-site spas which can pamper the two of you with a massage to work out the kinks from your flight.

For the wedding, you'll want to pack some of these items, depending on your plans:

  • wedding dress
  • special hosiery or undergarments
  • shoes (if you're planning a beach wedding, remember that high temperatures and humidity, coupled with a long flight, can make feet puffy)
  • guest book
  • wedding rings
  • groom's tux or suit
  • groom's shoes
  • address book
  • thank you cards if you'd like to write them on the way home
  • special decorations, wedding music

You may have a few other things on your list…so write it down now!  Create your own check list and it will make it one less thing to keep in your head.