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The Wedding is fast approaching you have that beautiful engagement ring that all your friends are green with envy , it’s time to go into the jewellery store and choose your wedding rings,  but all you see are tray after tray of the same rings, all be it with slight variation,  so off to the next store and what do you see!  the same old selection again  and none of them seem to compliment let alone enhance you engagement ring , what can you do.


Ok let’s start again there’s a few basic questions to ask yourself , first and foremost are you happy with your engagement ring or was it presented to you sight unseen as  on bended knee as  he proposed “ well it’s about the proposal “ not his taste in rings !  you smiled warmly and said Yes !


So now’s your chance take it, run with it, use the wedding ring design to get the look that you want, use it to enhance the overall look or even change the look,  by adding diamonds either to the engagement ring or the wedding ring , sit down and talk to your designer jeweller and design a Wedding ring that goes with and looks good against your engagement ring ,  create Bling if you want , but do it early don’t leave it till the last the last few months,  as it all becomes a mad rush the closer you get to that big day . 


Remember you wear your rings every day not just for one day so make them the priority .


Second:  Your happy with the look of your engagement ring and Mr Right’s done his homework and chosen the perfect ring . But now you ask, how do you compliment it , how can you create a ring equal to it, without taking away from that exquisite engagement ring.

What I have suggested to brides in the past is to take your engagement ring  in to the jewellers and have it  fully cleaned and polished  back to new (don’t forget to have your settings and stones checked at this time to make sure there secure ) By polishing it and not just ultrasonically cleaning it will give you a better idea as to which wedding ring you try along side of it will suit , you won’t have a dull scratched engagement ring that your comparing,  its the look of both rings you need to concentrate on . Sit the new ring on your finger , make sure the overall width suits your finger , bend your finger, is it comfortable or does it look out of place, to thin or to wide, not enough Bling or too much Bling!   only you can decide that .


One of the other main things you will see when trying rings on from store to store is that you have seen it all before, no matter how good it looks if it’s too popular it becomes the same as everybody else’s try and be “Unique by Design” vary it by using the concept of the popular ring, and then put your own mark  on it; add stones to it, increase the width or add rails – be inventive . It’s like the old saying – who gets embarrassed when three ladies go to a party wearing the same dress.  


In my own work shop were we have designers and jewellers in store our goal is to complement and enhance your engagement, to find out what it is that you want from your wedding rings and then make it .


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