Kickstart that Metabolism with Project You

Project You™ has been researched and developed over 4 years, it is simple and highly effective. Their nutritional supplements are highly effective and will not only keep you feeling fuller but much more energetic as well.
It is designed to kick start any weight loss program and includes
10 BodyOlogy sessions, during these sessions they will be working specifically on fat burning and lymphatic drainage. This is designed to shift stubborn fat in your body, then assist to flush it from your system with lymphatic drainage.
BodyOlogy‘s exclusive meal replacement shakes, specially formulated to work in conjunction with the Project You™ program.. (They include your first 15 meal replacements in initial cost).

Simple, uncomplicated nutritional advice, the way it should be!  Simple exercise advice that you can do in your own time…

Project You™ is not a DIET, quite the contrary, it is designed to strip your body of unwanted fat and start you on a new lifestyle. Once you complete your 10 week program (or 5 weeks if you can do 2 sessions a week), which they will carefully monitor on the way through at your weekly BodyOlogy treatment times, you can then choose to go on specialised treatment programs for reshaping and contouring your new body or just go and enjoy the transformation. They do strongly advise some sort of maintenance with BodyOlogy Technology but this is entirely up to you.
This exciting new program is now released and so many people (both men & women) are enjoying shedding centimetres and feeling better than they have for so long and it’s so easy, as they do most of the work.
When you come along to their $99 introductory session, you will experience a treatment that is painless and non-invasive and loose between 2-8cms from your tummy area. During the treatment, their therapist can explain Project You in more details and tailor the right BodyOlogy solution to meet your desires and goals.

This proven technology is now in Queensland and only available on the Sunshine Coast, so why wait?

Give them a call on 1300 322 227 to book your introductory session or see them at