Noosa Springs Golf Resort & Spa

Noosa Springs prides itself on being a ‘one-stop shop’ – a place where everything is close at hand, and where experts are on hand to ensure things run as smooth as silk. That goes for holidays, golf events, conferences, romantic weekend getaways – and especially for weddings. It’s the biggest occasion in the lives of […]

Looking for a Videographer for your Wedding?

The Sunshine Coast is teeming with incredible ceremony and reception locations for your wedding.  To remember the incredible moments from your beautiful day, more and more couples are booking wedding videograpers to capture their first day as a married couple.  Jensen and Young, who exhibited at the most recent Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase, are one […]

Questions for your wedding photographer

Your wedding day comes and goes so quickly, and looking back on cherished photos will become something that you and your partner continue to do for many years to come. It's really important that you communicate with your photographer to ensure that you get all of the wedding photos that you have dreamt of on […]

Why attending a wedding expo is your best planning tool

Planning your wedding can seem like an impossible task at the beginning. There are a lot of big desicions that need to be made early on. Attending a wedding expo allows you to meet with a huge range of fantastic wedding suppliers and gives you the chance to meet the best people in the industry. […]

Kickstart that Metabolism with Project You

Project You™ has been researched and developed over 4 years, it is simple and highly effective. Their nutritional supplements are highly effective and will not only keep you feeling fuller but much more energetic as well. It is designed to kick start any weight loss program and includes 10 BodyOlogy sessions, during these sessions they will […]

Look your best for now and life…

In the lead up to wedding you arrange hair, makeup, dresses, suits, cakes, flowers and the list goes on to make you look and feel perfect for that special day. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to look and feel perfect for the honeymoon and a lifetime of marriage ahead of you? At BodyOlogy they […]