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Noosa Springs Golf Resort & Spa

Noosa Springs prides itself on being a ‘one-stop shop’ – a place where everything is close at hand, and where experts are on hand to ensure things run as smooth as silk.

That goes for holidays, golf events, conferences, romantic weekend getaways – and especially for weddings.

It’s the biggest occasion in the lives of the bridal party, and it makes no sense to leave such a momentous day to chance.

Noosa Spring’s professional event managers take the worry out of planning a wedding, and ensure everything proceeds with style and a minimum of fuss. A personal coordinator oversees every wedding.

With its spectacular backdrop of a stunning golf course, picturesque Lake Weyba and lush tropical woodland, Noosa Springs provides some of the most beautiful settings imaginable for a wedding ceremony.

Many couples opt for the Sunset Lounge, housed within the resort’s elegant clubhouse, boasting commanding views over the Noosa hinterland.

Or they can choose the manicured lawns of the Plateau, a glorious high point surrounded by gardens and lush vegetation. Dressed with white chairs, aisle stands, and a red carpet runner, it is one of the most stunning locations Noosa has to offer for a wedding ceremony.

It’s often the little extras that make a wedding special, and at Noosa Springs the ‘extras’ are standard, and include clothed and skirted registration table and water station, microphones and outdoor PA system, a sparkling wine hamper for photographs and golf carts for the bridal party to access the best spots for on-course photographs.

There are all sorts of options for the reception – from elegant function rooms to less formal ceremonies designed for the bridal party’s individual needs.

The magnificent Plantation Room can accommodate up to 150 guests in sit-down style, but the room can be divided into smaller spaces. The banquet room has a private terrace with stunning views over the golf course.

The versatile Sunset Lounge, with its private bar and elevated outlook, is perfect for smaller receptions. It’s also a great option for a romantic wedding ceremony in case wet weather spoils outdoor ceremony plans.

Noosa Springs is famous for the quality of its food and there is a selection of dining packages that will illustrate just why this resort has won so many culinary awards.

Top of the range is a five-course – or seven-courses if you want to really impress –  degustation menu designed by the Executive Head Chef with matching wines, and the wedding cake professionally cut, plated and served with berry coulis and cream.

Other options include canapes, noodle boxes, two-course alternate drop menus, buffets and banquets – anything you like to meet individual needs and tastes.

Noosa Springs, with its range of facilities, including a world-class spa and superb accommodation, is an ideal venue for pre-wedding hens’ parties and for golf-loving bucks’ bashes.

And, come to think of it, there’s no better place than Noosa Springs for a honeymoon, too.

As we said – it’s a perfect ‘one-stop shop’ for everything to do with that most special of days.


Looking for a Videographer for your Wedding?

The Sunshine Coast is teeming with incredible ceremony and reception locations for your wedding.  To remember the incredible moments from your beautiful day, more and more couples are booking wedding videograpers to capture their first day as a married couple.  Jensen and Young, who exhibited at the most recent Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase, are one of the local businesses who specialise in videography and we were lucky enough to find out more about them!

Who is Jensen & Young?

Jensen & Young consists of the two of us, Matt and myself (Ashlee) and we are two very creative individuals who see life through a lens. We appreciate and can find and capture beauty in the simplest of moments and love telling stories. I suppose we are different to other Videographers as we started in, and still do, feature films. We write and direct motion pictures and it’s because of this and our love for great stories that we thoroughly enjoy creating diverse videos for our clients.

What inspired you both to become wedding videographers?

It was just a natural flow on from our love of film and photos. I did my Photography Certificate in Darkroom techniques straight out of High school and Matt had been making Films for years. We wanted the freedom to be creative in all elements of our lives, not just when we were lucky enough to be on a film set, so we set up this business to keep the creative flow and freedom in our lives and haven’t looked back since. There is always so much excitement and love around Weddings and Boutique Businesses – who wouldn’t want to be a part of that magic?

What has been your favorite wedding/project so far?
We had a dear friend get married in Brisbane recently and we are so excited about the story we have created to showcase their day. It’s a real-life ‘Princess for a Day’ scenario – chandeliers, live music performances and exquisite wardrobe. Here’s a little teaser to how we have decided to construct it – leading up to a gorgeous climax of her walking down the stairs like in many of the Disney Princess Films…

The beauty of what we do is that once people become comfortable and speak and act from the heart, it is so easy and delightful to share their story.

Click the below images for the teaser video…

How long have you been in the wedding industry?

On and off both of us have been in the Industry for 6 years now.

What is your favorite location on the Sunshine Coast to for weddings and why?

I wouldn’t say we have a sole favourite – I think each place has its own unique beauty and couples tend to find the perfect place to suit their style. It’s then our job to intertwine the place and the people in our Films. I would say though, that some the nicest and easiest times have been spent in low-key places, including people own properties. It just goes to show that it’s the people that make a place shine. Luckily for us, on the Sunshine Coast we have such a diverse range of locations to choose from. From the Hinterland to the Ocean, and everywhere in between, we are so lucky to be here!

Not only do Ashlee and Matt film wedding but they have also won 'Best Sci-Fi Vision Award' for their latest Feature film Project Eden at the Boston International Sci-Fi Film Festival.  This just proves that their commitment to any project, big or small.  Make sure you attend the next Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 as we are lucky enough to have Ashlee and Matt exhibit again!


Email Address:
Contact Number: 0432 879 957
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Beautiful readings for your ceremony

It can be so hard writing your own vows for your wedding ceremony- writer's block can come at the worst times!

Below are some beautiful readings for your ceremony or atleast something to inspire you…


Questions for your wedding photographer

Your wedding day comes and goes so quickly, and looking back on cherished photos will become something that you and your partner continue to do for many years to come.

It's really important that you communicate with your photographer to ensure that you get all of the wedding photos that you have dreamt of on your big day.

Here's a great checklist to help you get started.


Why attending a wedding expo is your best planning tool

Planning your wedding can seem like an impossible task at the beginning. There are a lot of big desicions that need to be made early on.

Attending a wedding expo allows you to meet with a huge range of fantastic wedding suppliers and gives you the chance to meet the best people in the industry. A lot of exhibitors also have special offers and promotions at the expo which can help save money and keeping your budget on track.

The Sunshine Coast has a really high standard of wedding suppliers and choosing the right business for you can be quite hard to narrow down. When attending an expo make sure to ask lots of questions and advice of the industry professionals.


Image by Carlylooyah Photography

Styling hints and how to

Styling tip from the team at Pretty Little Lane

'Our number one tip for styling a wedding is to pick a style that reflects who you are so your personalities shine through on the day. Take the time to get to know your decorator and have plenty of communication with them so they can portray exactly what you envision. Or if it’s a DIY wedding keep it simple yet effective to minimize stress on yourself. It's your day so make sure you shine!'

Kickstart that Metabolism with Project You

Project You™ has been researched and developed over 4 years, it is simple and highly effective. Their nutritional supplements are highly effective and will not only keep you feeling fuller but much more energetic as well.
It is designed to kick start any weight loss program and includes
10 BodyOlogy sessions, during these sessions they will be working specifically on fat burning and lymphatic drainage. This is designed to shift stubborn fat in your body, then assist to flush it from your system with lymphatic drainage.
BodyOlogy‘s exclusive meal replacement shakes, specially formulated to work in conjunction with the Project You™ program.. (They include your first 15 meal replacements in initial cost).

Simple, uncomplicated nutritional advice, the way it should be!  Simple exercise advice that you can do in your own time…

Project You™ is not a DIET, quite the contrary, it is designed to strip your body of unwanted fat and start you on a new lifestyle. Once you complete your 10 week program (or 5 weeks if you can do 2 sessions a week), which they will carefully monitor on the way through at your weekly BodyOlogy treatment times, you can then choose to go on specialised treatment programs for reshaping and contouring your new body or just go and enjoy the transformation. They do strongly advise some sort of maintenance with BodyOlogy Technology but this is entirely up to you.
This exciting new program is now released and so many people (both men & women) are enjoying shedding centimetres and feeling better than they have for so long and it’s so easy, as they do most of the work.
When you come along to their $99 introductory session, you will experience a treatment that is painless and non-invasive and loose between 2-8cms from your tummy area. During the treatment, their therapist can explain Project You in more details and tailor the right BodyOlogy solution to meet your desires and goals.

This proven technology is now in Queensland and only available on the Sunshine Coast, so why wait?

Give them a call on 1300 322 227 to book your introductory session or see them at

Styling tip from the professionals

#1 Styling Tip from Noosa Wedding & Event Hire

Gather, gather, gather has always been my motto. Whether it’s a complete look or a simple colour you have seen in a magazine, collect any images that excite you.

To begin with you may feel that you don’t know what you are looking for, but in doing this your own personal style and personalities will shine through and give you some direction. From here you will find it a lot easier to make those all important decisions.

In doing this, I would also say, try not to get too overwhelmed with what you think you should have, and what you really want. Remember to stay focused on what is important to you both.

Look your best for now and life…

In the lead up to wedding you arrange hair, makeup, dresses, suits, cakes, flowers and the list goes on to make you look and feel perfect for that special day. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to look and feel perfect for the honeymoon and a lifetime of marriage ahead of you? At BodyOlogy they strive to make their clients look and feel perfect with their bodies, general health and well-being for their wedding day, but most importantly, for a lifetime.
Using modern science and medical grade TGA approved equipment, BodyOlogy is able to transform the shape of your body with minimal fuss and best of all, no pain or surgery. Their technology concentrates on developing your core strength and building lean muscle. This will naturally kick start and stimulate your metabolism, burn more body fat and give you more active energy and body tone. Of course, you can also achieve this by spending endless hours in the gym, running marathons; but many of us may have a health condition that cannot handle such a workout and likewise not many of us have the time or will power to do this every day, especially when we have a wedding to plan. The BodyOlogy technology is a form of passive exercise that is the equivalent of many hours of work in the gym, all compressed into a single treatment.
This state of the art technology also has the advantages to tighten skin tone, spot reduce and target stubborn areas, focus on toning specific areas (ie: legs, arms, back, tummy, shoulders), breast reduction, breast or butt lift and the list goes on. So what about the hubby to be? Does he have the famous love handles, man boobs or beer belly? Send him to BodyOlogy as well and he can look as sexy as ever!
BodyOlogy is like nothing else available on the market, so come in and try their introductory special for $99 and see for yourself what BodyOlogy can do for you. At BodyOlogy Weight loss Sunshine Coast, they are Real People, Helping Real Problems and giving you Real Results!

Your Special Day…

At BodyOlogy, they can assist with everything you need from fast and natural weight loss to sculpting and toning treatments, using medical grade TGA approved equipment. You can make it perfect with BodyOlogy’s amazing technology.
In the lead up to your wedding, there is so much to plan and so little free time to head to the gym or get out there and exercise. With our BodyOlogy treatments, theyare working on building lean muscle with the latest technology to help you get the results you need. In each one hour treatment at BodyOlogy, you are simulating hours of work in the gym / exercising, so not only do our treatments get you faster results, but you are becoming more efficient with your time management and can focus on those other important things in the wedding planning process.
Every one of our services are available in a package form for brides and grooms in the lead up to their wedding. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that they can actually change your shape and enhance your muscle tone. If you are dreaming, for example, of an off-the-shoulder gown, let them shape those arms and shoulders to make you a total knockout on the day!
Sounds too good to be true? Well come in and see for yourself. BodyOlogy has a special introductory offer for only $99 to show you the power of this painless, non-evasive technology and what it can do for you. In this first consultation our friendly therapist will perform a treatment on your tummy, discuss your personal goals and structure a treatment package to suit your timeframe and budget. In addition, you will also get a reduction of 2-8cm off your tummy in your first treatment!
Want to know more?

Give them a call on 1300 322 227 or visit